Your Story Does Not End

Everyone has a story, someone built a fortune on their own, someone survived a natural disaster, someone served their country, someone could not go on anymore. Whatever your story is it does not end if you leave this world.

That someone who built a fortune on their own leaves behind a legacy for others to see and follow if they choose to. Someone who survived a natural disaster leaves behind a story of how they survived. Those that serve their country can have a vast array of stories of family, brotherhood and survival. Even that someone who just can not go on any more has a story for others to hear.

What does your story say about you? What legacy are you leaving on this world?

When I was a teenager I thought my story was going to be a small flyer because I thought I would not live past 18. Then I thought my story would be the size of a children book because I thought 20 was my limit. Today I am 42 years old and through all the tragedies, bad decisions, the drugs and alcohol abuse I am still standing here.

I may not make the correct or best decision all the time still, but I have a lovely woman by my side that helps me and keeps me on the right track. I have a job that I worked hard to attain. My children have grown into beautiful adults and survived their childhoods. I have three beautiful, amazing granddaughters, who I know will grow to be incredible women.

There are so many people out there that have lived to see their life unfold as I have. Either by a failed suicide attempt or never acting on the thought they have seen their children born, grow up and start families of their own. They have lived to look back and say man that was rough but life did get better. They have live to have their story be their legacy for others to see and learn from.

What will your legacy be? Will it be that you gave up and quit? Will it be that you asked for help, you survived, that you lived to pass your story to others so they can see live will get better. Will you try? Will you choose to stay? Will your story continue?

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I am founder of Ride or Die 22. Mission we have chosen to accept is to spread awareness of suicide prevention resources to those in crisis and to those seeking help for loved ones in need.