I am SAM 2

SAM sits on the edge of their bed in the darkness reflecting on the awful things that happen today. Tears flow like a waterfall from their eyes. SAM can not see any reason for hope through the darkness and tears.

SAM does not understand why everyone else can not just accept that they are different from others. They do not know why they are different and they do not know how to change who they are. SAM has fallen into a deep darkness and they do not understand what is happening.

SAM should be care free and happy, outside playing and having a good time. But SAM is not, they are sitting in the darkness hurt by the words and action of others. SAM starts to think that life is not worth living anymore, no one will miss them, everyone would be better of if they are not there.

SAM’s best friend comes over to check on them and find them crying in the darkness. They ask SAM what is wrong and SAM spills everything to their best friend. Their best friend reaches out and wraps SAM in the biggest hug ever. Their friend says I can not change those people and they are dumb for not seeing you the way I do. You are an amazing person and regardless of any problems in your life you are still standing. Who cars what other people say or think. They do not know what you deal with on a daily basis and how strong you are just to wake up every morning.

You are a special person, you care about others, you go out of your way to do things for others. They see you as awkward and shy but they do not know that you have social anxiety and its hard for you to open up socially. They do not see the incredible strength you have just to walk out the front door everyday. They see you as too small or too big, but they do not see the battle you have everyday with a eating disorder or the tremendous amount of stress that keeps you from eating or causes you to continuously eat.

They do not see how hard it is for SAM to reach out for help and confide in someone about what they are going through. They do not think anyone will understand how they are feeling, that others will judge them even more for how they feel. They think that others will make fun of them even more then they do now. They think that others will just brush them off and think that their issues are not important or they are just trying to get attention. SAM has a reason to feel like this, in today’s society we look at those struggling with mental illness as people to avoid or they are just crying for attention. We look at them as less of a person because they struggle with day to day activities and interactions. We say things like just get up and do something or just get over it, or just put it behind you and move on.

In order for SAM to change how they think, we have to change how society thinks about mental health. Do we look at someone seeking help and say great I am glad they are getting help or do we say they are crazy or unstable and thus try to stay away from them?

If we show SAM that it is ok to open the conversation about what they are struggling with then they will at the very least know that someone will listen to them and at best they feel comfortable that they can seek help without being labeled by society as a nutcase.

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I am founder of Ride or Die 22. Mission we have chosen to accept is to spread awareness of suicide prevention resources to those in crisis and to those seeking help for loved ones in need.