State of the Ride

Ride or Die 22 is one year old today. It has been an interesting year to say the least. I started this project with really no sense of direction and over the year things slowly started to take shape.

Our main focus for this last year has really been spent shaping our social media presences. Facebook was our first and main focus achieving almost 2,000 followers. Next we started working on Twitter and Instagram. While we have been successfully building our social media platforms there is more work to be done.

Some of the other components I have played with this year is the start of the official website, designs for clothing and retail products. I wrote a short book and placed it for sale on Amazon.

Moving forward Ride or Die 22 will look to increase its social media presence by targeting a goal of 5,000 members on Facebook and 2,000 followers on both Twitter and Instagram.

I am creating a YouTube channel to begin creating inspirational and motivational original videos. I am also beginning to work on my own original show called The Ride more information will follow on that in the coming months.

My website will continue to evolve as we find more and more local resources to partner with and create exposure for.

I will be looking to create more designs for the retail portion. My retail store front is how revenue is generated for all of this to be maintained but it will be essential to the growth of the mission.

I had no idea what this project was going to become when I started but the opportunity that I have had since starting this have been great. The theme for this next year will be #shareyoustory and we will continue to build on #IamSAM and #ContinueYourStory.

The end result of this next year is to host an event for the 2nd anniversary next year.

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I am founder of Ride or Die 22. Mission we have chosen to accept is to spread awareness of suicide prevention resources to those in crisis and to those seeking help for loved ones in need.