They say you never know what is going on in someone’s life just by looking at them. Sometimes they can seem like there is nothing wrong, even if you ask them they may not tell you they are struggling with some issue. Sometimes they do not know how to tell someone, they may not even understand it themselves.

Sometimes is feels like no matter how hard you try you can never get ahead. Like there is always something pulling you back down. It can feel like you can not catch your breath, almost like your drowning. You try to scream and you can’t. You try to fight but you can’t. You want to tell the world that you are not ok but you can’t.

Why, why can’t we tell another person that we are not ok. I want to tell someone I am not ok but I do not know who will listen. I feel like I am alone on an island and no matter how loud I scream no one would hear me anyway.

What I tell others everyday, ask for help, talk to someone, there is always someone to talk to, these things are hard to actually act on myself.

See it is very easy to tell someone to open up, tell them there is someone out there to listen but it is a very different thing for someone to act and actually believe that someone will listen without judgement.

I am working on this everyday and will continue to share my story with you and hope that you will benefit from my experience.

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I am founder of Ride or Die 22. Mission we have chosen to accept is to spread awareness of suicide prevention resources to those in crisis and to those seeking help for loved ones in need.