Social Media

Today social media has a tremendous impact on how we interact with each other. This can have both a positive and negative effect on interactions.

Picture a parent who travels for work and sometimes does not get to see or spend time with their child or children. The use of social media can bring them closer by video chat or instant messenger that allows them to talk in real time.

On the other side of that coin is the ugly truth that some people can and do use social media to degrade, insult and bully others because of how they perceive the other person or just wish to be an ugly person to others.

We use social media to help spread our mission of awareness of prevention resources. We are committed to not losing another loved one to suicide. We encourage you to visit our social media pages and comment on and share our content. We ask that when you are interacting on our pages that to use respect and treat others how you would want to be treated. We will block and or ban any one who chooses to disrespect and/or bully others on our pages. THIS CONDUCT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED IN THE RIDE OR DIE 22 UNIVERSE.

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